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Owner Alison Dance loves good food, good wines, and good music. Cyprus Cafe is a joyous expression of all three, bursting with flavors and, in the summer, the sound of a patio jazz trio.

"Mediterranean country cooking" is how Alison describes the seasonal menus she and her staff design - simple, healthy, and tasty. Cyprus Cafe uses local organic produce and meats, and

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Favorite outdoor sport: Skiing (duh).

Favorite board/card game:

If money was no object, what would you do all day? Sleep late, enjoy the outdoors and travel like crazy.

What was the last costume you dressed up in? Every Wednesday, today was Hangover Mardi Gras.

As a Durangatang, what’s your other job? Dumpster Beautification Project, Housepainting, Ski Instructor.

What’s your stripper name/Middle Earth name/Rapper name/Unicorn name? Avatar name: Sassy Bluster.


Trish Lemke and Lisa Morgan

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Favorite outdoor sport: Hiking to the top of a peak and breathing in the magic of the mountains (and if there's a mountain bike or snowboard to ride back down the mountain I'm a happy girl!)

Favorite board/card game: Cranium

If money was no object, what would you do all day? I would start off with a refreshing yoga class to set the mood for the day and then I would go outside!!! I would hike to the top of a mountain and have a picnic of fruit and veggies and cheeses! After my hike I would treat myself to a massage and soak at Amaya, and then I would go home and blast my favorite dance music and dance party in my kitchen while cooking myself a delicious veggie stir fry, followed by some kind of delicious gelato or ice cream, because I'm a sucker for ice cream :) perrrrfect ending to a perrrrfect day? Cuddle session with the cutest lil Jedi warrior princess of love kitty named Ofelia

What was the last costume you dressed up in? Magical unicorn Pegasus!

As a Durangatang, what’s your other job? Thai massage/ private yogifying practitioner/ professional breather/ hug specialist. I will yogify your body while you just lay there and relax!

What’s your stripper name/Middle Earth name/Rapper name/Unicorn name? Docta Dre Dre, here to save the day day, with sparkles and sunshine rays all over the place!

sustainably harvested seafood to create meals that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Her meals fuse the best of Italian, Greek, North African and Southwest American flavors.

A native Coloradoan, Alison has been in the restaurant business since she was 11 years old, opening her first pizzeria and art gallery in the Lower Haight of San Francisco when she was just 23. It was an artistic and commercial success until the early 80's when Alison moved on to Asimakopoulos Cafe, a Greek restaurant located on sunny Potrero Hill. She started as a dining room manager there and soon became an owner and executive chef.

Alison guided the Cafe to new heights, winning numerous awards and credentials for excellence while honing her skills working with chefs from around the Mediterranean Sea. Two awards stand out for Alison: San Francisco's Focus Magazine's Best Greek Restaurant and an award from Bill Moyer's for Companies that Care. Alison returned to Durango (she had attended Fort Lewis College) to open the Cyprus Cafe in 1996.

Whether you choose to dine at the restaurant, or drop in to listen to live Jazz on a warm summer evening, or have Alison design and cater your special party, you'll have a great meal - and a great experience - at the Cyprus Café. 


What book are you reading now? The Emerald Mile.

Favorite local beer (and state of mind): Euphoria.



From that moment on, Alison knew her love and passion fell in food, cooking, and since then she has worked in the restaurant industry. In 1996 she open Cyprus Café and has never looked back.

ABOUT Cyprus Café 

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Describe yourself in five words: Adventure. Smiles. Sunshine. Ambition. Dream.

What book are you reading now?
I have about 7 books with bookmarks holding places in them, but my favorite right now is BKS Iyengar, "Light on Life"

Favorite local beer: Durango juice bar?
I'll drink kale juice over a beer anyday....

All the excellent feedback on our recent renovation of Cyprus Cafe and our invigorated menu has been inspiring! Thank you to our happy diner's for sharing! Here are a few for your viewing...

We walked in at 6 pm and were ushered to a cozy front alcove table that was awesome. Our server was an additional bonus as she was very delightful as she efficiently attended to our evening. We started by selecting a tasty Chablis from a non-pretentious wine list.Our main courses of Pork Cheeks and Salted Duck were both equally delightful.We will be back on our next trip to Durango.

Visited January 2018

We had a great time here! Went in on a Friday night we were able to get a table without reservations (we arrived early around 5:30) the service was terrific and the food was delicious! 

Visited December 2017

We rarely go to the same restaurant twice in our travels, but our first visit to Cyprus was so good that we went back again the next night and we're glad we did. Creative cuisine and friendly service in a relaxed atmosphere. Can particularly recommend the pork cheeks, the mezze platter and the trout!

Visited November 2107

We happened on the Cyprus Cafe by chance. We ate out in the courtyard and had a fantastic meal. The service was great and atmosphere fantastic.

Visited  September  2017

​​Awesome food, wine and live music. A must visit, cool outdoor setting. Will visit next time I'm in Durango. Visited February 2017

I love dining here. Great local food, beautiful environment, professional and friendly staff, fabulous specials!!!

Visited January 2017

Fresh food, locally grown, beautifully plated and served in an enchanting atmosphere.

Visited January 2017

We were there for lunch. Everything was amazing. The food was light and flavorful. The service was warm and friendly. They also Had a kids menu for My picky 5 year old. We will be back next time we are in Durango!

Visited December 2016

I think Durango has an amazing restaurant scene but this is by FAR my favorite!  I take everyone here when they come to visit.
Visited December 2016

We loved the Cypress Cafe so much, we are there 4 out of the 6 days we were there. Everything we had was absolutely fabulous!! This is gluten free heaven! I've never been to a restaurant that had so many gluten free items! Whether you have celiac or not, you will want to eat at this wonderful restaurant!! 

Visited June 2016